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l Troubleshooting using a USB storage device

Some of the problems people encounter when using a USB flash drive are:

Problems ejecting the drive

Have you ever encountered the problem that states that you can’t eject a flash drive because it can’t be safely removed? One of the solution that the computer gives you is that you close all running programs that may be running in your computer. This message is usually a prompt that pops up whenever you want to eject your USB flash drive. This is because data may be still being copied into your USB flash drive. Close all programs that may be running and this will help to prevent data loss.

USB can’t be recognized

This is another common problem that users of USB flash drives encounter. To solve this problem may require different solutions. Some of the solutions include:

Updating the drivers required to sense your USB flash drive.

Fixing a hardware problem on your computer that is required to sense your USB flash drive.

Unhide in the disk management the drive.

Connect your USB flash drive to another computer so as to check whether your computer has the problem or not.

Check if the USB flash drive and your computer system and motherboard are compatible.

Inability to recover the files

In most situations, it is quite easy to recover files from your USB flash drive. This is because upon deletion of the files from USB flash drive, they aren’t completely deleted as only the file marker is deleted. The file marker is not deleted because deleting the files plus the file marker will take too long for the deletion to occur. So, the operating system prioritizes which matters come more important first and that is usually the deletion of the files but not the file marker. Complete deletion of the file marker and the files will it impossible for the files to be recovered.

If you want to prevent complete deletion, don’t write new files into the USB flash drive as this will make the previous files to be completely deleted.


Tools for Data Recovery

There are a couple of software in the market that help in USB data recovery but the most robust of them all is iSkysoft. It is particularly effective for data that was lost when the USB flash drive was connected to a windows operated computer when the data was being deleted.

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