l Troubleshooting using a USB storage device Some of the problems people encounter when using a USB flash drive are: Problems ejecting the drive Have you ever encountered the problem that states that you can’t eject a flash drive because it can’t be safely removed? One of the solution that  [ Read More ]

USB flash drives are helpful with everyday computer needs. They’re great for easily transferring and transporting files for work, school, and leisure. People often find them helpful when giving presentations, and they are just very convenient overall. But there is more than meets the eye when it comes to USB  [ Read More ]

Why use a Storage Area Network?   Storage area networks have risen to prominence in the recent years. SAN is a specific way of interconnecting the large number of hard drives and presents them as the block level data on the computers with network. SANs have become cost effective over  [ Read More ]

How does the New Technology File System (NTFS) actually Work? Occasionally known as the New Technology File System, this type of file system is particularly associated with the Windows NT Operating system where it plays repository and retrieval of files located within the hard disk. It is equivalent to Windows  [ Read More ]

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