Posted by admin January - 4 - 2017

Although the Mac computers are massively selling across the world, there is a lot of misleading information associated with the Apple`s Mac computers that is being spread around. Here is a list of myths associated with the Apple`s Mac computers available in the market.

There is no compatibility between the Mac and the Microsoft. The widely used software packages in computers by most individuals are Word, Excel and Powerpoint.mav run these programs. Microsoft has been able to make a Mac version of the office which is fully compatible with those in the Windows. Office files have the ability to open both in Mac and Windows computers altogether.

A lot of software is not contained in the Mac computers- If a consumer application is found in Windows it can also be found in Mac or its alternative which is comparable. It is way more quality applications contained in Mac than the Windows. There is also availability of software from third party developers in the Mac programs available in Mac include: Text Edit, Time Machine, iCal, iTunes, Safari and many more.

Macs are more expensive because one would actually be paying for te brand name- This is a common myth amongst many people as a justification to purchase cheaper computers from the stores. The Mac computer are built from durable materials available in the market, the energy is efficient the software used is far much better than those found in Windows and also the components used are of a higher quality . Therefore it would be fair to state that the price is worth it!

Macs are only more secure because they do not have any market to share – It is a fact that the Mac`s OS X have been affected by zero viruses since their introduction into the market. However the same cannot be echoed for the Windows which has been susceptible to various types of viruses. Mac`s nature is due to the fact that Mac has an operating system that has been built on a more stable and reliable core, This doesn’t mean that Mac is 100% immune from all the security threats that have been detected in the past years.

Macs are difficult to learn-The Operating System X contained in the Mac is easier and simple to use compared to the Windows especially to the beginners. It can be described as intuitive.

Macs cannot run Windows applications – As long as the copy is both genuine and legal from the Windows, it can smoothly run in the Mac Operating System X.

Macs are just for graphics and animation professionals- It is thought that Mac computers are just for artists and students. This most due to its creative look that is more appealing but it should be noted that Mac computers can be used by any individual.



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