The Biggest Scams of 2016 in review

Posted by admin December - 19 - 2016

The Biggest Scams of 2016 in review


It is easy to assume that only stupid people fall for scams. One of the easiest way to become an easy prey of fraudster is to think that you are too clever to be duped. Even the smartest of people sometimes become sufferers of scams. The main tool of trade in deception cases is demand. The schemer simply identifies the market gap and creates a ‘solution’. Cheats are not normal thieves that you encounter; they are bright individuals who camouflage to suit their purpose. They update their skill set with each passing day and have even embraced technology which they are using to harass unsuspecting victims. Some of the most frequent scams in the recent past include:


This are fake products that mimic the real products. Some of the ways of telling the difference between knock-offs and real products include the price and quality. Most fakes are cheaper and of poor quality. The most targeted products are the popular brands such as Luis Vuitton, Rolex, Gucci, Converse and many others. In depth research of the buyer about the product to be bought may save one from such a scam.

Good Samaritans

These are cases where someone pretends to offer a helping hand to another and rip the off once they gain their trust. It is one of the most basic schmaltz that has been in play for a long time. Do not be quick to trust strangers, avoid them as much as you can. Paranoia may come in handy.

Online Second Hand Shopping

Basically, one gets either a defected product or no product after making either partial payment or full payment for the same. Research, exercise caution and ask questions to reduce the chances of such type of frauds.

SMS Phishing

This are simply bogus short messages engineered to rip the targets off. They include fake subscriptions, fake billings in an attempt to lure victims to divulge confidential information such as; passwords and pins, malware links, and many others. Do not venture into any unknown/unnecessary ‘territories’. If in doubt contact the concerned institutions directly.

Telemarketing Scam

Fraudster pretend to be either Microsoft or Apple and inform you that your gadget has a virus and then goes on to provide a link that ‘will solve the problem’. The link in the real sense uploads a virus into your system. Be very skeptic and avoid divulging any sensitive information.

Unclaimed Prize

This particular scam feeds on greed. The target is to either acquire some proceedings from the victim or important information. It is recommended that you carry out a research to determine the validity of such a claim before getting involved.

Scams vary from Geographical locations and even season of the year. They feed on need and greed. There is no defined manual on how to stay clear of scams but it is important to be always careful.

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